About Us

SEL Maduro & Sons (Aruba) Inc is affliliated with SEL Maduro & Sons (Curaçao) Inc, a corporation with companies in Curaçao, Bonaire and St. Maarten. As a whole, SEL Maduro & Sons Inc has been operating since 1837, celebrating more than 150 yeas of expertise.
SEL Maduro & Sons (Aruba) Inc
positions itself as one of the most reliable and dynamic businesses in Aruba. Within our company, you will find a diverse array of services, some catering to the local market and some catering to international markets. Included in these services but not limited to, are; Container services, Real Estate, Ship Husbandry and Port Agents and Travel Services.

Company Profile:

Hans van Esveld

Graceo Dunlock

Isabelle ten Lohuis - Welage

Managing Director
SEL Maduro & Sons (Aruba) Inc and Maduro Travel (Aruba) Inc
Manager Maduro Shipping and Container Services Manager Maduro Travel (Aruba) Inc