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Phone General (297)5282300
Fax (297)5833249


Business Hours: Monday thru Friday from 8am to 12pm and 1pm to 5 pm



Direct Contacts


Function Name Contact Phone
Sales Vivian Wever Lopez Contact (297)5282320

Karina Tromp
Contact (297)5282324
Customer Service Greta Riley Contact (297)5282323

Daislenne Yarzagaray Contact (297)5282323 
Import/Export Kezia Richardson
Contact (297)5282322
Equipment Control Rudolf Croes Contact (297)5282321

Rockson Kelly Contact (297)5282376
Accounting Hiltonia Peter
Contact (297)5282325

Juliska de Cuba
Contact (297)5282326
Freight Assistant Mariela Fingal Contact (297)5282341
Manager Graceo Dunlock Contact (297)5282340