Export Requirements

Rate Request



Information required for a rate request

Acceptance rate

The sales department will sent an email with the rate, shipper should confirm acceptance of rate.



Booking for export

Export RequirementsInformation required for booking of the container:

  • Shipper
  • Consignee
  • Notify
  • Total containers
  • Seal Numbers
  • Commodity/description of cargo
  • Weight
  • Payment condition (prepaid, collect)
  • Release instruction (seaway bill, presentation of original, express release)
  • Equipment
  • Equipment size
  • Port of delivery
  • Final destination
  • Ocean vessels to load container in Aruba

Delivery receipt for empty container/Seal

Shipper will receive a delivery receipt at Maduro & Sons office, with this receipt shipper can go to Aruba Stevedoring Company where he can claim an empty container.



Returning full container

Shipper must return container within certain period of days. If free days expired detention will be charge daily per container.