Releasing of your Container


A container can be released under the following conditions:

  • Presentation of your original Bill of Lading. No copy is accepted
  • Presentation of your Seaway bill
  • Presentation of your Express release/release instruction given by the line representative at port of loading

Local Charges

All local charges/expenses must be settled prior to release.
Charges to be collected are:

  • Ocean freight
  • THC (terminal handling charges) if applicable
  • Local charges if applicable
  • Deposits for certain lines
  • Demurrage if any/applicable



A Fiat will then be handed over for container release at the terminal (Aruba Stevedoring Company)


Terminal Charges

Releasing of your ContainerAll terminal charges have to be settled directly with the Aruba Stevedoring Company (ASTEC).

Charges to be paid to ASTEC are:

  • Plug in charges if applicable
  • Storage Charges (Free storage only for 7 calendar days)
  • Extra lift (if required/requested)

Container Damage

At all times verify that there is no damage to the container prior to acceptance. If there is any damage please report this to the agent.


Cargo Damage

Report any damages to the cargo to the agent. If there is any damage to the cargo please stop all operation. Call and report this to the agent immediately.


Free Time

Verify and comply with the free time for stripping and returning of the container. The Free time calculation is based on the total calendar days starting on the day after arrival of the vessel.


Container Return

Container must be returned empty and clean