Ship & Cargo Deliveries

Spares Handling

With a variety of different airlines flying cargo form several parts of the world, ship's spares are delivered to the vessel in an accurate and efficient manner. This service includes customs documentations, handling, transportation, delivery and eventual storage.




Luggage Handling

Having an outstanding relationship with customs at the airport and the harbor together with airplane personnel, combined with a good coordination between the vessel and our officers, prompt lost luggage service is provided.



Ship's Chandler

Not only can we provide the usual technical and mechanical equipment and minor spare parts, but we can also provide a wide variety of fresh quality produce, meats, poultry, seafood, tropical flowers and plants. In addition bonded stores can be arranged. Also available: office supplies, certain chemicals, cleaning materials, etc. All of the above can be delivered in both small and large quantities in a proper time frame both alongside pier and/or shore.

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Container Stripping

With the proper equipment such as forklifts, mobile cranes, trailers, at our availability for container haulage, stripping and loading we assure a smooth turn-around service for your vessel whilst alongside in Aruba against competitive rates locally.