Training and Certifications

We are Prepared

Our team is dedicated and focused to give you the best emergency response services and assistance.

We constantly update and refine our emergency response planning by participating in emergency training programs with all local emergency entities; such as, Disaster management team Aruba, police, fire department, local marines etc

Our complete team from Director, Manager, supervisors, to boarding officers all participate in these trainings which are full scale and table top simulating bomb threats or fire on board vessels during port calls. Our team’s knowledge and training in various scenarios is an important enhancement of S.E.L. Maduro & Sons (Aruba) Inc. ship’s husbandry services.

Certification letter 

Aruba Certification Program

The Aruba Tourism Authority (A.T.A.) has set up the Aruba Certification Program as educational program designed for every single person working in the tourist sector and/or industry to enhance their knowledge on the product Aruba and focus on excellence in service, considering a sustainable future environment

This Certification Program explores the most important chapters of the history of Aruba as well in the area of tourism and it’s traditions thus deepening ones knowledge. The sole purpose of the the program is to deliver a higher level of service to all our visitors on the island.

As S.E.L. Maduro & Sons (Aruba) Inc. is the largest ship agency on the island we can inform you with pride that all our crew handling cruise vessels have participated and completed this certification program.